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Rixos Hotels

SCRIS ÎN: 27.07.09 17:18
RUBRICA: Rixos Premium Hotel
SATISFACȚIE: [fara note]
Dec-2009Dear all our guests who are making comments about Rixos Hotels. I would like to say that, in many cases, your negative comments does not reflect the service that we are giving in Rixos Hotels. I wonder about the agency that you are meaning about we had many complaints this year [...] citește

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26.09.09 15:27dear all users, ı would like to say that, to the respect of mine to the webmaster ı was not gonna make comments but ı cant stop myself not to because the things written as "used towels","paid coffee's in the hotel as vienne" and others..... friends, it is easy to write and make dirty the hotel [...]
LA REVIEW Rixos - de trei ori minunat - scris de ariana în rubrica Rixos Premium Hotel
31.07.09 00:56nice choice...if you need anything do not hesitate to contact with me ... :-)
LA REVIEW Rixos Hotels - scris de t_alver în rubrica Rixos Premium Hotel
27.07.09 23:14Dear webmaster; Firstly ı would like to thank for your being such kind and gentle. As I am following up your website, I do really apreciate that I can also find many comments from Romania about the hotels by Türkiye - ANTALYA which is good for us, as hoteliers, to implement more better service [...]
LA REVIEW Rixos Hotels - scris de t_alver în rubrica Rixos Premium Hotel
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